Luke Bubar's Favorite Sites

Websites ought to be personal, expressive, and fun; and they used to be. Unfortunately, nowadays the internet has become dominated by a few large, corporate sites. There are still some survivors; to which this page is dedicated to.


🇷🇺 Russian Faith ☦️

Russian Faith has great articles on Christianity and the Church.

Circumpunct Sites

All of the sites of the webring I'm a part of I enjoy.

I Dream of Jimmy

A classic Jimmy Neutron fan-site. Why can't every website be like this?

Gotta Blast

School of Dragons Forum

A forum where the folks are super nice. I've never actually posted or interacted on the forum as of yet, but it's on my to-do list someday. I am a big HTTYD fan.

This is one of my favourite forum threads I've ever found. A user posts on the completely wrong board, and rather than freak out like redditors do, they are just kind to him (or her idk).

sip yup. There just aren't many interactions on the web like that anymore.

Timberjacks Against Hacking

Luke Smith's Site

Luke Smith is who inspired me to make my site. His takes are rather hot, and he is probably most famously known for his videos on his own site and on YouTube.

Art Mashup: Medieval History and "The Legend of Zelda"

I like The Legend of Zelda, and I like Medieval History. This page was made for me.

MC Middle Earth

A site detailing the creation of Tolkien's Middle Earth in Minecraft.

Lainchan Radio 📻

A great cyberpunk themed internet radio