Contact Me!

E-Mail or Instant Messaging by XMPP is the best way to reach me.

E-Mail 📧

My e-mail is 📧. If you want to e-mail me, it is always a good idea to use encryped mail. In order to encrypt mail to me, you will need my GPG Public Key 🔑. In actuality, all mail ought to be encrypted. Unfortunately, mail encryption is not as commonplace as it ought to be.

If you want to get started using encryption for e-mail but don't know where to start, install the e-mail client Thunderbird and use this guide to get started.

Instant Messaging 📡

I'm also on Matrix as and on XMPP as XMPP is my favorite, so

For matrix, use Element.

For XMPP, I recommend:

  1. Dino for Linux 🐧.
  2. Pidgin for Linux 🐧, Windows 🪟, and MacOS 🌚 (make sure you install the OMEMO plugin as well to send encrypted messages.).
  3. for Android 🤖
  4. Siskin IM for iOS 🍏

See the list of XMPP Clients if you want to find other programs that can communicate with XMPP. Find one you like!