Luke's Photo Gallery


My family at Letchworth State Park in April 2020.

From left to right: my brother Isaac (14), my Mom, my sister Carolyn (18), my brother Coleman (16), my Dad, my Grammy (my father's mother), and me (19). My Poppa was taking the picture. That's my dog Penny!


Marcus(left), Oliver(right) and I at my sister's grad party in July 2020.

I believe at this point in the conversation we were talking about Roman and Early Medieval military tactics. Good times.


Carolyn and I in Israel. March 2020

My Poppa leads theological trips to Israel quite a bit (usually once a year). This trip was full of family members.

Shield Pops

My Viking Shield with help from my Poppa. August 2020

One July morning I woke up and excited to build a Viking Shield. Academics out there might try to psychoanalyze, but I will leave it up to everyday divine inspiration. I looked up some instructions, went out with my brothers to the nearest Lowe's to pick up some free shipping pallets to use for the material, and started ripping them apart. It actually took a while to finish because it was my first time trying to make a historically accurate viking-style round shield (or a historically accurate anything really). I had the pieces finished by the time I was supposed to start school, so I took them with me from my home to my Pops' house and we finished it there. I really like how it turned out. From what I've read about typical historical finds (here's a good source) heavier side, at 15 lbs and on the smaller side, at a 32 inch radius. I'll put up a full guide on how to build a good one here.

Luke and Elliot (and Maddie)

On a Walk! September 2020

This is my cousin Elliot Bubar on my shoulders. He had just turned 3. Behind us is my cousin Maddy. Also on the walk (but unpictured) are my Poppa, Grammy, and cousing Mya.