Why Reddit is such an awful website


Reddit is awful. If you've ever used it for an extended period of time, you know it. But why just Reddit? It's not just Reddit, truth be told. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, etc. are just as bad, but they will warrant their own discussion.

Reddit, for those who don't know, is an image/text board website where users post pictures/text/links/videos on various "subreddits", which are based on different topics of interest. User interaction usually just involves commenting, voting, and giving awards like Reddit Gold and Reddit Silver, which are basically just little stickers that the giver has to pay a couple dollars for.

But what is so wrong about it? For one, there are pornographic sections, which automatically makes it an evil website. But even disregarding the porn, Redditors (reddit users) are among the most obnoxious, hive-minded, nitpicking losers on the internet. The moderators are more strict than puritan grandmas on what people post on their subreddits.

Did you just post a Minecraft meme on the Minecraft subreddit??
Sorry idiot, that goes on the Minecraft Memes subreddit. Now your account is locked for 30 days.

There is no personal content on reddit. If you want to get upvotes and the precious Reddit Gold, you have to post whatever is popular, mainstream, or conforming. Nearly all the subreddits reject God, Christian Values, and Freedom. They relentlessly mock anyone they deem to be right of them.

Not only does this stifle any legitimate conversation on reddit, it also makes sure that any memes that go up on there are dryer than Penny's Chicken.

Rather than be what the internet should, which is millions of people interacting, Reddit is truly soulless and impersonal. It is designed to farm dumb memes out of people who want fake internet points, and feed those memes to people to consume for hours in order to generate advertisement revenue.

You might ask, "But surely, there are some good subreddits?" And yes, there were good subreddits, but they were all banned. r/The_Donald is one of the worst examples. It was a fine subreddit dedicated to our fearless Boomer Commander-in-Chief, President Trump. You can look up the official reason for the ban if you want, but it is meaningless garble. They wanted to censor any right-wing voices, so they did when they saw the opportunity.

In reality, Reddit was rigged from the start.

Reddit is garbage and it's only getting worse. If you want to put stuff out on the internet the right way, get a website like me 😉.