I Deleted My Instagram


I finally deleted my Instagram. It is a useless time-waste of a site with no redeeming value. The following is a true story of the only cool thing that happened on Instagram:

To Catch a 'Stein

It was another early August day at Grove City College. I, like most of my peers, peddled along in the endless rat-race that was the epitome of our world's decided atheistic industrial lifestyle. But Ho! What's this? Jeffery Epstein is dead!?

It was true. The nefarious and notorious international pedophile Jeffery Epstein was killed by a supposed suicide.

"What glorious news!", I exclaimed. "Another pedophile to fuel the flames of hell, and keep them hot for many of his co-conspirators!"

And though it is true that there are numerous people known to have associated with Jeff Epstein, we do not, and may never (this side of heaven), have a conclusive list of people who have conspired with Epstein. On a totally unrelated note, here is a non-exhaustive list of his prominent associates, from decades past as well as up to the day he died.

But alas, those co-conspirators (the ones still alive) have escaped judgement for now, as Epstein's premature death has prevented any further testimony against them. I made an epic post exposing Epstein, when the satanic soy-devs at Instagram shadow-banned my post!

Since I didn't have this wonderful website yet, I was forced to make yet another post explaining my predicament.


I was checking Instagram like mad that day, along with my great friend Koen, who was equally excited at this Insta-scandal, and what followed would only seem possible in a dream. An actor had liked my post, but not some sleazy and lame Hollywood1 actor, but a really good actor who was in a really good movie. It was Daniel Logan, actor for the young Boba Fett in, what some consider to be, one of the greatest films of all time (and unironically one of my personal favourites) Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones.

like He is @instadaniellogan logan Boba Fett

That was all completely unexpected but also kind of wholesome. He is married with a child right now which is very wholesome, and it was epic of him to like my post. Now that my account is gone, This awesome event should live on here on my personal website.

1) Pedowood