A Thought About Video Games


Video games are a waste of time, but only if you use them to replace real-life adventure, and not to lightly supplement it, which is proper.

We, as humans and children of God, were made to experience real adventure in real life. Video games can be good, when used to bond with friends and family, or to expand your imagination, or just to have appropriate and right fun. Keep them in their right place. Do not put them above real life in most any sense. Like so much of technology we have developed this and the last century, the battle comes with using the tech for good and not letting it control you.

Good Games

Here's some good games that respect your time and come to mind.

Honorable mentions to Mount & Blade, the new DOOM games, and Portal. All of these I've played a bit and enjoyed, but haven't gotten the full experience that has caused my friends/family to gush over them.

I reccomend getting games through GOG, or through just downloading them off Searx Results. I'll probably do a Wine tutorial soon, as I've gotten experienced getting these all to work on Linux. It's not as hard as some might have you believe.

God Bless!